Welcome to Youth Empowerment Organization (YEO)


Youth Empowerment Organization is a non-profit organization registered with the Department of Social Development under registration number 050-550.

Y.E.O basically aims to assist prospective students who are unable to register and complete their studies due to financial challenges, to go beyond paying only for registration but to also provide them with skills development programs and to engage in issues affecting the society and again come up with solutions that will address challenges raised.

Organizations willing to offer assistance either by donating money, stationery, in-service training or skills development programs are welcomed.

We also call upon everyone to help us spread the initiative to the whole of South Africa so to attract more donors and to further attract students who needs assistance in this regard.



  • To make education accessible to prospective students;
  • Pay registration and tuition fees for prospective students across South Africa;
  • Raise funds to keep the Y.E.O initiatives running;
  • Motivate and develop the youth for their empowerment by providing them with workshops, training and skills development and career guidance workshops;
  • awareness campaigns on issues affecting the society such as, abuse of drugs by our youth, abuse of women and children, importance of Education and other societal issues;
  • To produce graduate that will contribute to the economy of South Africa in years to come;
  • Our goal is to make the dreams of South African youths who are willing and want to pursue their studies a reality.



#ThusaNgwanaGeno is an initiative that aims to Register and pay fees for prospective students in academic year 2018 and going forward. We therefore request contribution form as little as R5 to make the initiative a success, we also have a bank account where people can contribute further.

In academic year 2017, we managed to assist seven (7) students of which their performance is satisfactory, for academic 2018 our goal is to assist fifty (50) students aiming at raising funds of R100 000.00



  • A letter of motivation consisting of not more than 50 words on why he/she should be funded
  • An acceptance letter with students number.
  • Final matric results for 1st year students;
  • An academic record with results for students already at university inclusive of
    ( Balance statement on outstanding amount)
  • A certified ID copy



Email completed form to info@youthempowermentsa.co.za


  1. Preference will be given to previously disadvantaged students;
  2. An application form accompanied by a letter consisting of not more than 50 words on why a student must be funded be attached;
  3. Only students who have been accepted by the institution and have a student number may apply;
  4. Telephonic interview will be conducted;
  5. All application will go through selection processes and notification will be communicated via sms.